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You are not alone!

Seeking justice for survivors is more than just a case to us, it’s our cause!


Founder and Executive Director  

Chief Jim Holler served as Chief of Police for sixteen years with the Liberty Township Police Department in Adams County, Pennsylvania. Chief Holler is an internationally known speaker specializing in crimes against children and has trained and provided technical assistance to thousands of attorneys, judges, law enforcement professionals, medical, mental health and public health professionals, social workers, and advocates both in the United States and internationally on a range of topics specifically related to crimes against children and social worker safety. Chief Holler has conducted independent sexual abuse investigations for several large religious organizations throughout the United States.


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Firefly’s investigative team is comprised of current and retired law enforcement investigators, seasoned therapists, and forensic interviewers from throughout the country. Our team is experienced in investigating sexual and physical abuse, along with working to heal the trauma that often follows. 


Our mission is seeking justice for sexual abuse victims, searching for the truth, and shedding light on the darkness victims have endured for years. Our team is also aware there are always two sides to a story, and we will strive to uncover the truth. Firefly conducts discrete investigations into allegations of sexual abuse. Using highly skilled investigators, we aim to provide a consistent, competent, and comprehensive response to sexual abuse and related crimes.


There are millions of child abuse survivors throughout the world. Our team, throughout their careers, has experienced firsthand the tragedy of child abuse, and the need to work together with victims and their families to stand up to the criminal justice system and provide the opportunity for these young victims to become survivors. 


Nearly every day there is a headline of an authority figure (religion, education, coach, etc.) being exposed by the individuals they have abused. Sadly, in many of these cases, the perpetrator was so skilled in manipulation and/or threats that it may take years for their crimes to be exposed, sometimes limiting law enforcement's ability to successfully hold these individuals accountable. Does this mean an end of justice to our victims? Absolutely not! This is when an independent investigation is warranted through digging deep, finding the truth, and exposing the perpetrators for who they are. 


Our loyalty in any investigation lies in exposing the truth. Our investigators have firsthand knowledge of child physical and sexual abuse investigations and are highly qualified in these areas. We believe in the team concept and, as these cases are investigated, the Firefly team meets regularly to collaborate and brainstorm from each team member's training, knowledge, and personal investigative experience. 


Predators have been allowed to thrive in darkness for decades...

But sunshine is a powerful disinfectant!

Independent sexual and physical abuse investigations offered by Firefly do not in any way replace a law enforcement investigation; however, due to statutes of limitations, or the abuse occurring outside the United States, our team may be able to assist.

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